Dearborn MI Air Duct Cleaning Service

Duct Cleaning Goes Hand-in-hand with Spring Cleaning

Dearborn Air Duct Cleaning professionals recommend duct cleaning to improve and maintain indoor air quality.  Spring time is a great time to have professional heat duct cleaning performed.  Your home has been closed up all winter long with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system working overtime. 

Spring arrives as homeowners open the windows, scrub the floors and breathe fresh air; however, what many fail to realize is that their indoor air quality is preventing optimal cleanliness.  In fact, indoor air quality is ranked among the top environmental risks to public health. 

Spring time is a great time to improve indoor air quality with a professional air duct cleaning.  Duct cleaning is a great way to finish your spring cleaning for a clean home and clean air. 

Dearborn Air Duct Cleaning Professionals Advice to Improve Indoor Air Quality: 

Change the air filter:  For healthy indoor air quality it is important to maintain a clean air filter.  Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect this task.  Refer to the owner’s manual and follow manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the frequency of changing or cleaning the air filter.

Have your HVAC system inspected and cleaned if necessary:  There are many components of your HVAC system, including the ductwork, that can trap contaminants and contribute to poor indoor air quality if not kept in proper working order.  According to Canton air duct cleaning professionals, if there is visible dust, dirt or debris within the ductwork, your HVAC system probably needs to be cleaned.

Hire a Dearborn Air Duct Cleaning Professional:   Many companies that offer duct cleaning cannot be trusted to do the job correctly.  Improper HVAC system cleaning can actually make your indoor air quality worse.  Make sure the company you use is licensed and certified to ensure quality work.

Spring time is the ideal time to schedule HVAC and heat duct cleaning; however, there is no wrong time to have this done.  Clean indoor air provides a cleaner, healthier home.

Dearborn Air Duct Cleaning professionals understand the necessity of cleaning heat vents and air ducts.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 40 pounds of dust accumulates in homes every year. The Dearborn air duct cleaning technicians are highly trained and come with years of experience. We use state-of-the-art equipment and duct cleaning tools to do a complete cleaning of all the interior surfaces of your duct system, including main trunk lines to and from the furnace. We are your solution for clean indoor air.